Ebook ¶ Dominion PDF Á

Ebook  ¶ Dominion PDF Á
  • ebook
  • 264 pages
  • Dominion (Serenity, #4)
  • Marissa Farrar
  • English
  • 18 April 2017

Dominion (Serenity, #4) ❮Download❯ ➾ Dominion (Serenity, #4) ➹ Author Marissa Farrar – Essayreview.co.uk Since meeting Serenity eight years ago, vampire Sebastian Bandores whole existence has been about protecting his family But when an unexpected question causes a rift between the unlikely couple, Sebas Since meeting Serenity eight years ago, vampire Sebastian Bandores whole existence has been about protecting his family But when an unexpected question causes a rift between the unlikely couple, Sebastian finds himself with a dead body and no recollection of killing him Serenity sees something dark in Sebastian s face and feels as though she s being haunted, both by her inability to let go of her past and by things happening in the house When Sebastian s strengths start to fail him, the couple seek help from a friend they re unsure they can trust As Sebastian loses his grip on the real world, Serenity fears they may be too late And after everything they d been through during the past eight years, Sebastian never imagined he d be the one who d need saving.

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    Do Not Step In Dark Places Alone had me wanting to run for Serenity, Buried had me running for home, Captured had me biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat, and now Dominion has me looking extra close to dark spaces, double checking that bush that just moved, and looking over my shoulder for those black creatures of the Dominion Maybe the scariest, and most suspenseful book of the series Definitely kept me up way past my bedtime, had me wanting to put it down and run and hide to get away from those freaky little creatures yet so caught up in what was happening I was unable to turn away I was caught hook line and sinker from t he first page to the last My heart broke, my fear spiked, my nerves kicked in high gear throughout the whole book but sometimes all within the same page I had much anticipated the release of this book and it did not disappoint Turn up the scary, turn up the thrill, turn up the suspense and you have Dominion A must read for anyone who loves to be thrilled to the e due of their chairs, scared silly, and can t look away or prevent from biting their nails at the suspense and action Highly recommended series Recommended you read them in order starting with Alone Amanda

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    The book starts with a romantic meal even though Sebastian doesn t eat but the evening ends in disappointment with Serenity going to be alone They are going through a rocky patch but quickly discover what is wrong with Sebastian after seeking guidance from Bridget who in turn takes them to see the most powerful witch in the world, Iona The only problem with that plan is the fact that Iona hates vampires.Initially I was put off reading this book as a couple of reviews complained about the arguing between Serenity and Sebastian which is out of character for them, but I m glad I persevered Yes, they do argue at the beginning because of the changes in Sebastian, but it s not excessive and quickly peters out when the cause of the changes become apparent In trying to solve Sebastian s problem, they end up having to seek out Natasha and Vincent helps them do that After one of Sebastian s kills traumatises them, Sebastian decides he is a risk to his family and suffice it to say, I wasn t expecting the ending that we got I m hoping for a better ending in the final book.

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    This is the 4th in the series and I recommend starting from the beginning as each story follows on from the previous one.Here the story of Sebastian, Serenity and Elizabeth continuesSebastian and Serenity s relationship seems to hit an unexpected rocky patch after an anniversary dinner date that didn t go very well.Within hours Sebastian is experiencing lost periods of time and doing things he doesn t remember later Elizabeth is having night terrors about her father, and scaring all the other girls on the camp with her Serenity is scared and the family once again is being threatened.This tale introduces new characters and develops familiar ones, and once again there is evil to overcome, and challenge and adventure aplenty The writing is excellent and the emotional impact and understanding brings life and depth to these people and the situations they find themselves in I can t wait to read the next in the seriesMany thanks to the author for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I wish I could give 5 stars, but I was a bit disappointed my Dominion I have enjoyed the Serenity Series very much and was truly excited for the next chapter in Serenity Sebastian s life I didn t like the fact there was so much friction between them during the first few chapters After all this time and everything they have been through, I expected nothing but a great reunion, nothing but the great chemistry and love they have shared I didn t get that with this book I do love Elizabeth s character and I can t wait to read her series someday I enjoyed the character of Iona and the amazing witch she is The storyline was good, but I feel it could ve been so much better I wasn t impressed with the ending, I was actually disappointed, this poor family could ve used a break, there could ve been a less heartbreaking way to end it and set up the next book I still look forward to the next book because of course we all always want nothing but a happy ending.

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    Thinking back to what annoyed me about this book is also what makes it real I thought that there were parts where Serenity and Sebastian both were too whiney, judgmental and ignorant towards each other Just like two regular people in a relationship Who wouldn t act out or be presumptuous after being through what these 2 have over the past 8 years I felt like they both hit a wall of reality in this book And while sometimes I want my fantasy to be nothing but magical, with out the reality it would get tiresome quickly That s what makes this series so good Serenity and Sebastian are these two old friends you know who have ups and downs but always make it work Or at least you hope they will find a way to make it work Just like in real life, sometimes you are not so sure they will.

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    Book 4 in the Serenity series and just like the first 3 I loved it Totally hooked from the first page I just couldn t put it down, what an amazing Author Marissa Farrar is she never disappoints She draws you in with her stories, you fall in love with the characters and follow the adventure as if you are experiencing it all with them If Vampires were real I would want a Sebastian, gorgeous, sexy and the most important thing to him, his family.This book had me on the edge of my seat What is happening to Sebastian and will he be all right, it had me worried I can tell you.I cannot recommend this series enough, you need to read it for yourself you won t be disappointed 5 read.

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    This book made me terrified of dark spaces It is an amazing addition to the Serenity series which I have come to love Ms Farrar spooks us again in Dominion with demons and witches and makes our hearts wrench for Serenity and Sebastian again Thanks for another amazing book Marissa I can t wait for the amazing series finale.

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    Life s good but for how long..in their up and down life Then Sebastian has missing time and strange things happen Also strange things at home only help for them is the old nanny who betrayed them and a bunch of witches to find why it s happening but I know is sad again as for the second time he runs out of serenity.

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    Book 4 jumps us eight years since the first book Natasha is now out for revenge We meet Iona and her circle We learn all about Dominion and see that Elizabeth is growing in power The author continues to draw the reader into the series There is a surprise death that has future consequences and new friendships are forged This series is amazing.

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    O.M.G I am crying This story book is going to haunt me now until the next one Endless is released I am literally heartbroken I feel like Sebastian has left me and my daughter Not sure I will be able to sleep tonight now This is definitely my second favourite series Thanks Marissa x

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