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~Read Pdf ☥ The Dilemma ♴ The Million Copy Bestselling Author Returns With Another Breath Taking Book It S Livia S Fortieth Birthday And Tonight She S Having A Party, A Party She S Been Planning For A Long Time The Only Person Missing Will Be Her Daughter, MarnieBut Livia Has A Secret, A Secret She S Been Keeping From Adam, Her Husband, Until The Party Is Over Because How Can She Tell Him That Although She Loves Marnie, She S Glad Their Daughter Won T Be There To Celebrate With Her Adam Is Determined Everything Will Be Just Right For Livia And The Party Is Going To Be Perfect Until He Learns Something That Will Leave Him Facing An Unbearable Decision I have one A dilemma apart from constantly spelling it with 1 m My dilemma is what to say about and what to mark this bookFirstly I am not going to give away any of the plot except to say Dilemma is 352 pages of focused dilemma s Words to describe it would be Claustrophobic, irritating, suspenseful, aggravating, wonderful, dark and upsetting Also at times repetitiveBut boy did it drag you in, coax you to stay, involve you and make you tense at the same time as frustrating youAt times I wanted the Dilemma in its gaining parts to all come out and be solved, other times I wanted it to go away and be gone, pretty much like some of the character s were feeling throughoutFascinatingly written The Dilemma is all its meant to be and maybe some its not Am not sure what to mark it tbh so will go for a8 104 Stars I m in a quandary no, a full fledged dilemma on how to review this one The entire read takes place over the course of just one evening Told from alternating POV of Adam and Livia A misguided couple so desperate to please each other yet so dismally confused on how to accomplish it A birthday party like no other Livia has saved up for years to throw herself the bash of the century for her 40th birthday And no one s stopping this epic event No matter what craziness might be happening around hershe won t let it rob her from her stupendous day And Adam He simply wants nothing than for Livia to have her day But at what cost This book read like a freight train running off the rails I couldn t turn the pages fast enough And basically read it in just a bit over 2 sittings Who needs to eat I was desperate to see how this would turn out I needed to know the ending However, the main characters were so despicable it was hard to sympathize with either of them Livia came off as selfish and self absorbed to the point that she puts herself far above from her family and friends Adamwell I m not even sure what to say about him What s the old saying, if you can t say something nice I ll just say his behavior boggled my mind Did I enjoy it Well yes I certainly did Was it what I expected Ha Not even close Would I recommend it YES If you are looking for a speedy thriller for a weekend read, then this is the one A quick and fun buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Marissa Sangiacomo at St Martin s Press for an ARC to read and review. 4 Stars.Most spouses keep a few secrets from each other, am I right Everyone does it and it s the reason why, this novel will getcha Livia and Adam have been married for over 20 years and have two children, Josh, 22 and Marnie, 19 Having had a small wedding ceremony way back when, Livia has been scrimping and saving for 20 years to have a huge 40th Birthday Party to make up for what she has always dreamed of.Livia s party would almost be perfect, if only..Livia never planned to keep this secret from Adam for so long, yet, the longer she keeps it, the harder it is to utter She knows that if she fesses up, it will destroy both her husband Adam, and several of her friends lives.Adam just wanted to do something special for Livia on her birthday He never imagined the horror his surprise would inflict on his entire family now he can t fathom telling them the truth The Dilemma is a novel that makes you think about intentions, both good and bad and how they can be perceived Communication in a marriage is oh so important and yet, it s not that easy is it Sometimes, as we all know, pretending is easier This novel made me think about secrets Little White Lies and those Big Old Whoppers We ve all told em Now I wonder if they were worth it Told from the perspectives of Livia and Adam, The Dilemma is nothing like I expected it to be Livia and Adam, are, in my opinion, wholly unlikeable and that made for an extremely interesting read It s hard for me to love a novel when I don t like the characters and yet, this is highly addictive This novel, which is of a domestic family drama, is a departure for B A Paris It is one that will make your heart catch, your throat tighten and your nerve endings feel raw It is very well done and I recommend it to fans of B A Paris and any one who loves fiction of all kinds This was a Christmas buddy read with Kaceey and I m so glad I got to share it with her Thank you to Marissa Sangiacomo at St Martin s Press and B A Paris for the arc.Published on Goodreads on 12.29.19. I loved Behind Closed Doors, I liked The Breakdown and was curious to read B.A Paris latest novel As with her previous books, Dilemma is gripping and well written I quickly became absorbed in the lives of Livia, Adam and their two kids Marnie and Josh and wanted to know what happened to them Livia is turning 40 and organising a grand party to celebrate her big birthday On the day, her husband Adam is faced with a dilemma of whether to tell her something which would ruin the party or wait until the celebration is over Tell or not to tell That s the dilemmaIt sounds simple, yet it is a dark secret, one that will change their lives forever Do you need a whole book to ponder to make a decision Probably not and that s where my 3 stars come from Despite the author s engaging writing, I found some bits of the story repetitive with a few fillers that are not needed Overall, a quick gripping read with a dark reveal at the end that was not easy to read about Many thanks to HQ for my review copy in exchange for an honest review. I was so excited to have a new B.A Paris book I settled down knowing I wouldn t be moving anytime soon I was right as soon as I had read the first page I was completely hooked and unable to put the book down Adam and Livia are married with two children, Josh 22 and Marnie 19 Livia has been planning her 40th birthday party for twenty years to make up for her small wedding She has been secretly saving so that she can have a party no one will forget All her friends will be there apart from her daughter Marnie who is studying in Hong Kong Livia is relieved Marnie won t be at the party as she knows something about her that she needs to tell Adam, but knows it will ruin her party so is going to tell him afterwards Adam also has a secret he needs to tell Livia and this will not only ruin the party but will devastate all their lives All he needs to do is get through the evening and then he can unburden himself to his family.This is such a great book, it s told from Adam and Livia s point of view leading up and the night of party.As always B.A Paris has wowed me with another incredible book My heart was pounding during the party as the tension was rising and I knew the secrets were going to be revealed I felt every emotion possible reading this A heart wrenching tale about friendship, relationships, loss and how sometimes we really don t know what s best for someone else after all This book will stay a long time in my heart, makes me realise you shouldn t take life for granted This is such a great story that it would make an amazing film Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review. 1.5 starsThis was a boring short story that was stretched out into a full length snooze of a book I basically hate read it Why Let me count the ways The entire book relies on the tired trope of a couple NOT TALKING TO EACH OTHER UGH I found it hard to believe a grown ass woman would dream of a 40th birthday party for 20 years, to make up for the big wedding she never had The way she obsesses over the party is utterly ridiculous Grow up already Pages and pages could be skimmed without missing a thing 90% of the book was repeating over and over and over again the dilemma Good grief, we get it already Without the repetition the book would have been about 30 pages long The dilemma Each knows a secret that they are keeping from the other Adam s secret is serious and to think he could continue with the party despite his suspicions is utterly ridiculous Just so his immature wife can have her ridiculous party Livia s secret is just plain dumb, as is the way she obsesses over it The ending It was not only pat and unbelievable but it made me angry for all the people who have lived this particular hell There was no tension, just irritation This is a family drama, not a thriller, and a boring one at that.I did finish the book thinking there just might be a payoff at the end There wasn t I m rounding it up to 2 stars simply because I finished it I received a digital copy fromNetGalley and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The Dilemma is a little different to B.A Paris previous novels, in that it s of a family drama than a psychological thriller Livia, who is about to turn 40 has been looking forward to and planning a big birthday party for a long time The celebration with all her friends is important to her as she feels that she missed out on the big wedding to her husband Adam that she had planned when she became pregnant With Adam and son Josh helping, everything has been perfectly organised, except for the fact that her daughter Marnie is studying overseas and can t get back for it Knowing it will upset Adam, Livia has a terrible secret that she s been keeping to herself but plans to tell him after the party, knowing it will affect the way he views some people Adam is also hiding a secret from Livia that will change all their lives and is in a dilemma about when to tell her This is a slow played out novel as we watch Livia and Adam get ready for the party over a 24 period with alternating chapters from their points of view Although the novel is well written and heart wrenching in places, I didn t really connect with Livia and her obsession over her party, although really felt for Adam as he agonised over his dilemma, not wanting to spoil Livia s special night For me the book was longer than it needed to be and I found the ending when it came a bit flat I would recommend this to readers who enjoy domestic dramas but it may not appeal so much to those who love thrillers 3.5 With many thanks to Harper Collins Australia Harlequin Books for the gift of an ARC. I found this book hard to put down Each chapter alternates between Olivia and her husband with everything in between.Olivia didn t have a fabulous wedding She s longed and planned for her 40th birthday, what seems like, all her life She s saved and invested all her years focused on it.But does her birthday huge party go off with a bang It sure does But not in the way we think Olivia is walking around with a secret And we get to read what she s really thinking and feeling.And a dark cloud of revelation is hanging over her husband that day And we get to read what s going on in his head, and his emotions.They have two grown children And we get some tearful times with Dad and his son that brought a lump to my throat Emotional at times.Picturing the birthday party in my head was so well played out with top star characters being there.I grew to love Nelson A best friend of her husband The parental family enveloping from her husbands side was lovely and all that it should be Family support in crisis At one time I thought it was a bit drawn out that s why it has 4 from me But don t be misled because I absolutely was invested in this book 100% and.We see about communication.We learn about good intentions that can go badly wrong.We learn about family and relationships.And we learn about love Pure unselfish love.And we learn about grief.It s one I ll remember for quite some time.This author astounds me with her abilities and insight to human depths of character. Where do you start with a book like The BA Paris is a wonderful writer, and this books give you all the feels It is an emotional rollercoaster so have those tissues ready It is also a tough book to review without giving the plot away And trust me, you don t want this book to be spoilt before you read it It was also another book that is hard to put down once you start, the story will have you staying up way too late to find out what happens Livia is about to turn 40 She has been planning her 40th birthday party forever and it is going to be the party to end all parties When she married Adam young and pregnant her parents turned their back on them Their wedding was not the wedding that young girls dream of and she wants her party to make up for that day She has everything planned and the only thing missing is her daughter Marnie, who is studying in Hong Kong But Livia and Adam are keeping secrets from each other secrets that will break them How do they tell each other and when What would you do Spoil the party that has been the focus of your life for so long or keep the secrets for a little while longer Thanks to Harlequin Books for my advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased.