The Broken One PDF ì The Broken PDF/EPUB ²

The Broken One  PDF ì The Broken  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Kindle Edition
  • 246 pages
  • The Broken One
  • Ruth Cardello
  • 07 March 2018

The Broken One ❰Ebook❯ ➡ The Broken One Author Ruth Cardello – In New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello s sexy and emotional romance, a billionaire dares to invest in the riskiest proposition of his life a second chance at love Single mom Heather Ellis In New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello s sexy and emotional romance, a billionaire dares to invest in the riskiest proposition of his life a second chance at love Single mom Heather Ellis would do anything for her adopted daughter, Ava Even post an online reward for anyone who found the girl s lost stuffed animal Who d have guessed it d be returned by a drop dead sexy man with such sadness in his eyes that she had to reach out to him To Ava, he s a hero To Heather, he s a fantasy that The Broken PDF/EPUB ² puts at risk the happy life she s made for herselfIt s been five years since billionaire developer Sebastian Romano lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident Now he s all business No room for emotion Until he stumbles across that damn stuffed wolf and the beautiful single mother looking for it Is he ready to give love a second chance But there sto Sebastian, his family, and his past than Heather knows More than even Sebastian knows Will the life they re building together be challenged when the truth is finally revealed.

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10 thoughts on “The Broken One

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    REVIEW DNF AT 35% Brave doesn t mean never being afraid Brave is being stronger than what scares you This one had all the makings of a great book The synopsis was intriguing and the teasers pulled me just had my eye But for some reason, it didn t work out very well for me It felt completely forced and disjointed, and that s not my favorite kind of read I want smooth and entertaining, the kind that makes me think and want to turn the pages This heroine was completely wishy washy, but also pushing for scenarios and forcing contact when the Hero was a complete jerk Was it cute Yes, actually it started out that way Did I feel the magnetism No, not really But something clearly kept pulling them together, and that was what I wanted to discover Unfortunately, for me, I didn t make it far enough to make that discovery sighThis was a surface scratching kind of storytelling The depth and emotion was written unfortunately, I just didn t feel it I could see that she was trying to give me that emotional impact, especially with Sebastian s I love that name history That should have been a heart tugging, emotionally powerful detail of the overall story arc, but I just didn t feel anything I hate that I didn t feel it I think, for me, the story was told to me instead of allowing me to experience it It left me without a real draw towards the emotions that should have been weaved throughout this story.By the time I got to 31%, I was already rolling my eyes about the seriously ridiculous way that Sebastian was acting towards Heather, and vice versa His need to take care of her was awe worthy, but the way it played out and the way it was told made me cringe It just sounded so forced Don t get me wrong, I m allllll about the alpha that knows who his one is and in turn will move Heaven and Hell to get to and take care of her Those kinds of stories are my kryptonite and I gravitate towards them not gonna lie I don t like a mushy man, but I do like a man in touch with his feelings I love an alpha that will stop at nothing for his woman, but I don t like a ridiculous show of machoism without any basis Is there a fine line between these sentences I m pretty positive there is, but I also like when an author can finesse that line and make me fall at the feet of their characters love and undying devotion.Overall, I felt the emotions were canned and the situations were one step beyond an eye roll I know that sounds awful, but I started expecting the events before they happened, so it turned somewhat predictable, and not in a good way Some of it was awkward at best, and it made it hard for me to get into the scenes, and other times I was like, ok This is going somewhere But that wasn t a consistent thought while I was reading this one I still believe the actual storyline of this book can and is a really cute one, but I just don t think the execution of it worked for me I am honestly sorry that this one wasn t going to get a recommend from me, but I couldn t even make it through to give it a starred rating This is clearly a me issue as many have loved this one BEE No giveaways for DNF reviews.

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    I typically enjoy Ruth Cardello s books but I struggled with The Broken One It s the first in her new Billionaire series but the prologue and the epilogue could have been blended with the rest of the novel a little better I didn t see how either helped tell Heather and Sebastian s story Sebastian turned into a ruthless business man even so after the loss of his wife and unborn child He doesn t need anyone but this family until he finds a missing stuffed animal I struggled to like his character at times He was portrayed as a loner but jumped in when Heather needed help A few chapters later he s running off to Italy only to find he can t live without Heather and her daughter and declared his undying love Heather is a single parent who has carved out a good life for her and her daughter She has friends who watch out for her and support her The issue I had with her is she was too wishy washy with Sebastian I didn t like how he treated her but she kept reaching out to him Despite her initial reaction, she didn t hesitate bringing him into her life The drama that was created lacked any angst I had a hard time with the certain storylines One being his business and the store takeovers why someone would visit Heather to discuss his business They didn t know it other The storyline with her father was a bit disjointed for me as well I still didn t understand why he contacted her only to berate her life choices Since this is the beginning of a series, I m hopeful the storylines and character development may flow better in the later books Show the reader how this book and their relationship blends with the prologue and the epilogue.Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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    I loved this book and stayed up all night reading it It s interesting that there s two stories in one, loved getting to know young Judy Corisi as she s trying to figure out her family tree The main story is of how Sebastian finds a stuffed animal Wolfie This leads to him meeting Heather and her daughter Ava But is he broken He s still mourning the loss of his pregnant wife It s an emotional journey for these two and I loved how they were better with each other, she makes him feel happy again Laughed at how her friend Teri helps her with her advice Loved the sense of family too It s a great ending that had me crying happy tears I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I highly recommend this book.

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    I adored these characters Heather Ellis, little Ava and Sebastian Romano were so easy to fall in love with .The Broken One was such a sweet romance about overcoming loss and finding that reason to move forward in life Sebastian s reluctance to break away from losing himself in work was quickly and easily whittled away by Heather without her even trying She was highly independent and self sufficient and was comfortable in the life she built for her and Ava and a broody and HIGHLY sexy man in a suit was not going to change that She never hesitated to give him a piece of her mind and put him in his place That boldness only endeared her in his eyes Throw in a meddling bestie and close knit Italian familythem being together was inevitable and the perfect start to their happily ever after I would ve given this five stars, but I was a bit puzzled by the mystery aspect of the Corisi family Not enough was hinted to as to why is was part of the story I can guess but it just felt like fodder thrown in the mix I actually could have done without it in this bookbut I m curious as to how it plays out So that curiosity could explain its presence in the story I am still interested as to how that all plays out in the series.

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    Great first read, from a new to me author A bit insta between the H h, but it made me giggle in parts and sigh in others.I will absolutely be looking to read from this author in the future.

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    I was so excited to dive into the Corisi family again I love all things Dominic Corisi At first, I felt like Judy s part of this story was confusing and too separate But, once I understood where things were going, I loved that side part of the story Sebastian and Heather have an incredible journey to love I adored Heather and Ava The way they became a family was so heartwarming, and their relationship was so sweet and funny I loved that Heather did her best every day to be a good parent, but she recognized that she wasn t perfect Sebastian was a broken man, for sure I felt his pain and grief It was palpable It made him come across as a major a hole, but underneath all that, he was a good person The way Heather and Sebastian meet was so unique and sweet Their attraction was evident from the start, and I enjoyed their back n forth It took them awhile to figure things out with each other, and it was fun ride getting there I am very excited for Judy s quest to find of the Corisi family I think it will be a bumpy road, but worth it.

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    OMG Ruth has done it again The part about wolfie being lost then found and all the share to find him had me crying I was one of those that shared the hunt for Wolfie post Can t wait to see where Judy s hunt leads Heather and Sebastian had me on page one of their story., Ava well what can one say other then what a fierce young lady I really hope we get of them all in the next book These families all around just pull you in Through tragedy can come new hope and new life just never give up on love

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    This was my first Ruth Cardello ARC and I was excited to get one from NetGalley The blurb peaked my interest and when I received it in my kindle app, I devoured it right away.I ve read a lot of romance in my lifetime and I ve also read about something being returned to the owner and they fell in love after one meet but this is the first time I ve read about a toy being returned to a kid I m a huge romantic sap and I saw a lot of possibilities as I turned the book page after page.I must admit, at first I thought I downloaded a defective ARC I was confused at the first couple of chapters and then I realized that this book is also a part of another story.Although it s a wee bit fast paced for my liking, because honestly, who blurts out about not wearing underwear on a first lunch date, and only on a second meeting but somehow it still works It s part of the heroine s quirkiness It s angsty and swoony and sweet and most of all, it centers on family It s definitely something you d want to read after a long days work

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    Ended too soon butWho would have thought that a lost Wolfe would bring an angry, heartbroken man back to life Sebastian had been going through the motions of living but not really living ever since his wife and unborn child were taken from him.He was filled with overwhelming grief and misplaced guilt Then he finds a stuffed animal on the side of the road that he couldn t seem to get rid of Who knew that finding that stuffed animal would change his world.Ava was the adopted daughter of Heather who didn t go anywhere without Wolfe who she appointed her guardian angel She knew it was wrong to let down her window but didn t tell Mommy right away that Wolfe had fell out.However, when she realized she wouldn t be able to go to sleep without and told Mommy, Heather did everything she could to find him. Even placing an ad and offering an award to get him back.As fate would have it Sebastian and Heather would meet when he reluctantly returned Wolfe to his grateful owner.Mystery How will Judy s search for her father s family tree connect these two families and will it be a good thing or cause grief

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    I absolutely loved this book For me it was like seeing an old friend as the author returns some of the characters I fell in love with in her Legacy Collection series While it has ties to that series of books these are all new characters and can easily be enjoyed without having read the previous books Although if I were you I would grab those too The author also seems to have returned to her previous writing style that I have been missing in some of her recent work With this book we get new set of fresh and intriguing characters, a big boisterous Italian family, a passionate and delightful romance and just a bit of mystery I for one can not wait to read about the Romano family and discover what ties they may have to the Corisi family I definitely recommend this book to everyone.

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