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A timely novel featuring a single mother and her sixteen year old daughter on a weeklong tour of east coast colleges Includes college admissions issues applicable to recent news and genderequality elements I really enjoy Abbi Waxman s style This is quite different from The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, but the quirky humor underlying the narrative is very similar In this new book, the juxtaposition of mom and daughter POVs shows many of the situations from both sides and WE know before they do how wrong many of their assumptions about each other have been It s always fun to have that upper hand That inside scoop Includes discussion questions that will be helpful for book groups Thank you to Berkley and Edelweiss for a DRC in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars A mother daughter college tour that tests their relationship in hilarious ways with a few surprises along the way Humor Characters 1 2Plot I Was Told It Would Get Easier comes out on June 16 Jessica Burnstein doesn t know how to talk to her daughter any She barely understands her, she s not sure how to help her understand that all she wants is for Emily to be happy, and she sure as heck isn t sure how to fix where they are now Emily Burnstein doesn t know how to talk to her mother any She doesn t understand why her mother barely talks to her, she s sick of coming in last in her mom s priorities, and she resents the pressure to be perfect This mother daughter duo is about to be tested in ways that they never expected it s time for a college tour road trip Jessica and Emily are signed up for an exclusive, only for the best college bound students tour package with students with extracurriculars and special skills than empathy, and parents that make the term Helicopter Parent seem too kind Will they bend and break, or will this tour finally get them to let their guards downWhat I liked The selling point of this novel, for me, was its humor This is a funny novel, no doubt about it If you need a conversational pick me up or a distracting afternoon, this is the perfect pick I loved the antics, the humor, and the utter relatability of family dynamics gone sour What I didn t like I really had a hard time with the choppy POV transitions It was nice to have both Jessica s and Emily s POVs, but it was not chapter to chapter it was almost page to page in some spots It was too much for me I d barely get my grip on one scene and then have it flipped for me as we switched perspectives It was a bit like generational whiplash, as these rapid fire transitions were meant to give us a window into the daughter s AND mother s point of view as close to the event as possible Thank you to Berkley for a giveaway ARC in exchange for an honest review. #READ BOOK · I Was Told It Would Get Easier ß Squashed Among A Bus Full Of Strangers, Mother Daughter Duo Jessica And Emily Burnstein Watch Their Carefully Mapped Out College Tour Devolve Into A Series Of Off Roading Misadventures, From The USA Today Bestselling Author Of The Bookish Life Of Nina HillJessica And Emily Burnstein Have Very Different Ideas Of How This College Tour Should GoFor Emily, It S A Preview Of Freedom, Exploring The Possibility Of Her New And Exciting Future Not That She S Sure She Even Wants To Go To College, But Let S Ignore That For Now And Maybe The Other Kids On The Tour Will Like Her Than The Ones At School They Have To, Right For Jessica, It S A Chance To Bond With The Daughter She Seems To Have Lost They Used To Be So Close, But Then Goldfish Crackers And Play Doh Were No Longer Enough Of A Draw She Isn T Even Sure If Emily Likes Her Any To Be Honest, Jessica Isn T Sure She Likes HerselfTogether With A Dozen Strangers And Two Familiar Enemies Jessica And Emily Travel The East Coast, Meeting Up With Family And Old Friends Along The Way Surprises And Secrets Threaten Their Relationship And, In The End, Change It Forever Find all of my reviews at I Was Told It Would Get Easier is all about how Parenting teenagers is something of a shit show. Jessica and her daughter Emily are taking a week long trip with a group of other parents and children to tour various East Coast colleges The intention was for a bonding experience, but not only do Jessica and Emily seem to no longer speak the same language, but Jessica is dealing with multiple work crises and Emily is waiting for the shoe to drop regarding a cheating scandal at her high school While I m sure you don t have to be a parent to enjoy this one, it sure adds another dimension due to its relatability Finding a balance between work and home life, raising a normal kid in a world full of overachievers and other types of parents And praying the worst thing that happens is you have someone like this living in your house Rather than someone like this Bottom line It s the world s most wonderful and most terrible job, and if you do it well enough, you get fired. And the greatest thing of all My best friend Frances from Other People s Houses makes a cameo appearance To that I have only one thing to say Waxman is definitely the queen of the momcom Advanced copy provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 5 starsLast year I read and enjoyed The Bookish Life of Nina Hill So I was excited to see that the author had written a new book.There is some romance in this book But I would classify it as Women s fiction with a bit of humor and a bit of romance.There are two narrators a mother and daughter 1st person POVs The mom is Jessica and the daughter is Emily 16.They live in Los Angeles Jessica is a brilliant attorney who is a partner at her law firm Emily is a high school student trying to figure out what she will do after high school.The book takes place over one week It is basically Jessica and Emily going on a college tour visiting colleges along the East Coast NYC, Washington DC.The book started out strong for me Although some of the college stuff wasn t super exciting.Interestingly, my favorite parts of this book were things that were happening back at home There was something going on at Emily s school with some girls being in trouble I was very curious how that would play out And I really wanted to know exactly what was going on Also there was some major drama happening at Jessica s law firm resulting in an ultimatum And I was very invested in that part of the story.The college trip was mostly interesting There were a bunch of other students and parents with them And some of those dynamics made for some funny stuff I really liked Will and his dad And I also enjoyed their Jessica and Emily s downtime from the tour They were allowed to see friends and family And that added a lot to the story.Emily was definitely a bit sulky at times And Jessica and Emily did not get along for parts of the book But it was interesting to read From 80% on I absolutely loved this book There was an interesting surprise at one of the breakfasts I did not see certain events coming at all.I was very curious to see how the book would end What would each main character do For the most part we got answers Although for me the romance parts could have been clearer.But overall this was a really unique, interesting and enjoyable read I really liked it.Thanks to edelweiss and Berkley for allowing me to read this book. 3.5 Teenage Angst StarsThis tale has us along for the ride as a single mom and her teenage daughter swing through the East Coast on a guided college tour trip The chapters alternate voices between the mom Jessica, a successful lawyer who works way too many hours and her daughter Emily, who is not sure she wants to go to college, but it seems like the path that everyone is taking It is interesting to see how the same events are interpreted differently by them.At the start of the book, the two seem to be at odds, but the adventures along the way bring them back together Emily gets to see a new side of her mom as Jessica connects with some old college friends on the trip Jessica gets insight into Emily when she sees her with some of the other teens and a situation from high school rears its head.This was an easy light read that was the perfect one to read in between darker reads I really enjoyed The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by this author With two teenagers of my own, this one had some aha moments for me as I have had some of these conversations Thank you to Jayme for another good buddy read Thank you also to Edelweiss, Abbi Waxman, and Berkley for an early copy of this one to read in return for an honest review This one is scheduled to be out 6.16.2020. Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Laura GlassmanI Was Told It Would Get Easier is told from Jessica and Emily Burnstein s perspectives, a mother and daughter pair Jessica has just announced to her boss at a law firm that she would like to quit her job as partner due to his obvious sexism in hiring additional partners for the following year Jessica and Emily have planned a college tour together along the East Coast, but the trouble is, their relationship isn t what it used to be when Emily was a little girl They don t connect the way they used to, and often have uneasy conversations about Emily s future When they leave for the tour, Emily is looking for a way to become excited about her future, while Jessica is looking for a way to reconnect with her daughter Together, meeting friends and relatives along the way, they take a bus along the east coast, knowing little about where the journey will take them.Abbi Waxman has written that this topic is incredibly personal to her, as she is currently the mother of three teenage daughters Thus, this story is deeply felt Jessica and Emily s interactions have a sharpness and insight which demonstrates flawed their relationship is, yet there is humour infused throughoutRead the FULL REVIEW on The Nerd Daily I received an Egalley from Berkley Romance in exchange for a honest review After reading The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, I was so excited to read Abbi s next book Like super excited Nina Hill was so romantic, funny, uplifting, and the perfect feel good novel and after the whole mess the world has gone through, I thought I Was Told It Would Get Easier would be the same realm It kind of was But it fell flat due to an overdone story line A mother and daughter who grew apart because one is in the process of becoming an adult and a workaholic mother who can t understand the teenage hormones I thought the main downfall of this book for me was definitely the outdated teenage stereotypes I mean, I snap pictures of my food and my walks but I don t post 100% the time like our daughter I m addicted to my phone but I don t use it all the time especially when someone is in front of me, talking to me The whole i don t know what to do with my life is relatable but so overdone by the time the book was ending and she still was crying on about being passionless and not good enough And the whole epiphany of them finding that they re not so different was a let down It didn t hit the right spot for me.With that being said, this book is definitely not targeted to an age group like mine I don t have a daughter who i m prepping to go to university I don t feel like I m missing out on my teenager s life It s just not the book for me but it could be for you if you re in a similar situation Also, can we also talk about this book played HEAVILY on the college admissions scandal that swept up america in a storm in 2019 Sweet, sassy, emotional, entertaining story about metoo movement dances with tight pressure about college applications, generation gap, communication breakdown and sweet mother and daughter s journey about breaking the barriers and reforming their tight family bonds I m a big fan of the author s incredible sense of humor and original approach to help us get lost in her characters different functioning minds I liked two versions of a mother and daughter s POVS to the same events emphasizing their differences, resentfulness which slowly damages their relationship Successful, ambitious, tough lawyer Jessica, 45, single mom, stands for her colleague to get the promotion she deserved and threats him to quit her job before leaving for the tour to East Coast Colleges she ll take with her teenage daughter 16 Emily And Emily just runs away from something she did at the school She just doesn t want to face it and has no intention to share with her mom Their trip turns into something enlightening, meeting with old friends, some of the colleagues So we re introducing so many livid, likeable and well drafted characters This is a sweet, soft, enjoyable, feel good, women s fiction and lovely mother and daughter relationship story I have to admit I enjoyed Bookish Life of Nina Hill It was one of my best reads of the last year But this book is also well written, easy to read with lots of funny quotes and we catch so many sparkles of author s unique witty mind as usual I both love Emily and Jessica And the supporting characters are also adorable So I m giving four shiny, soft, swoony, lovely stars Abbi Waxman did again She made me put a big smile on my face Atta girl Special thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for sharing this incredible ARC in exchange my silliest dance moves, of course I m kidding, in exchange my honest review I was checking to make sure you re reading my thanking part bloginstagramfacebooktwitter Many thanks to Berkley Publishing Group for the free copy in exchange for an honest review Review to come this title is literally such a mood Goodreads Blog 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