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Kerry, you are an absolute and profound writer and I cannot stress this enough with Side Trip that has cemented the hearts and minds of readers forever You are a breath of fresh air with the turn of every page It s a travelling journey that I never wish to leave yet I know sadly it shall end until the next novel is revealed.As a fan, I ve read a ton, and I ll tell you they each have a distinct flavor of love, loss, of characters that are uniquely talented and deeply flawed, and of wild emotions that leap off the page at you and cause you to breath deep and explore both internally and externally your own self values.Joy is our main gal here and she s at a crossroads literally and figuratively with a sidekick she picked up in need of assistance along the highway.As they say ladies, opposites attract, and it doesn t hurt to be a handsome musician like Dylan who is savory and colorful and hot for Joy s every second of time.Deals are made and deals may even be broken but one things for certain, the heart and mind want what the heart and mind shall possess.You can t deny chemistry, you can t deny emotions, you can t deny it or else risk losing it all together.Sure it was 10 days on the road, a road trip with rules and regulations, a chance encounter with an eye opening experience on all sides of the fence.It s not surprising that they both are afraid of change, of a brighter future, of love Well, truth be told she was engaged to Mark but Dylan is a risk taker playing in dive bars so what does he have to lose by chasing a girl Life is simply too short to skirt around the issues.The explosive nature of this book is throughout the characters development as they uncover the truths about their external relationships with extended family and friends and perhaps about themselves We are all inherently flawed and yes we all seek the goodness in others.The shocking details that Joy shares about the loss of her sister Judy on that fateful night was one heck of tail spin.How can anyone hold in so much pain The fact that Dylan and Chase also had a secret to reveal was also a tipping point and the notion that those what ifs hovering around could ve changed the entire projection of the plot.WOW I honestly love to write and read but I don t know how you do this and move me to every emotionThat ending was the purest and most authentic of all and I m deeply moved by the entire plot.What a great way to start the week Thank you for this honor in receiving this ARC and in reviewing your work.I m truly blessed to have this friendship.I look forward to your next novel and can t imagine the journey it will ultimately become. I love Kerry Lonsdale s writing She always manages to grab me right away and not let go until the last page has been turned Her debut Everything We Keep was one of my favorites in 2016 and now Side Trip ranks right up there with it as the best of Kerry s novels Joy and Dylan had such amazing chemistry I liked how the story went back and forth between the time they were traveling and what happened afterward It kept building up to some harrowing truths I was only able to guess one part of the story Everything else was surprising and caught me off guard This was a great escapist read while being cooped up in a house, just envisioning two people riding across the US and exploring new places along the way I also enjoyed the music aspect, whether it was discovering what was on Joy s road trip playlist or imagining what Dylan was singing at his performances along the way My only concern was that I had difficulty getting a sense of timing I didn t know what year it was until they said 2020 was ten years after the road trip I thought it had taken place in current time and that the story was going into the future during the after chapters.This was a wonderful love story and it also spoke to being true to yourself I highly recommend adding it to your TBR pile this summer Movie casting ideas Joy Stephanie StylesDylan William BrentMark Colin FordTaryn Kara HaywardChase Charlie Rowe #READ EBOOK â Side Trip ⚧ An Unforgettable And Breathtaking Novel Of Love, Loss, And The Unexpected Routes That Life Takes From Charts And Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Kerry LonsdaleWith Her Deceased Sister S Route Bucket List In Hand, California Girl Joy Evers Sets Out On A Cross Country Road Trip To Meet Up With Her Fianc , Checking Off The Bullets Along The WaySinger Songwriter Dylan Westfield Has A Serious Case Of Wanderlust And A Broken Down Car Stuck At A Diner Between LA And Flagstaff, He Meets Joy, His Complete Opposite She S Energetic He S Moody She S By The Book He S Spontaneous She Believes In Love At First Sight He Thinks Love Is A Complicated Mess But Joy Has A Brand New ConvertibleThey Strike A Deal She Ll Drive Him To New York He Ll Pay For Gas Only Three Rules Apply No Exchanging Of Last Names What Happens On The Road, Stays On The Road And If One Of Them Wants To Take A Side Trip, They Both Must AgreeA Heart Stirring Love Story That Spans A Decade, Side Trip Explores What If What If Joy And Dylan Had Exchanged Last Names What If He D Told Her She Made Him Believe Love Was Worth The Risk And What If They Hadn T Made That Second Deal When They Couldn T Say Goodbye This one was a light, romance read with heart Joy is on a road trip across country from Cali to NY to meet up with her fiance once she gets to NY With her deceased sisters Route 66 bucket list in hand, She plans to check off things along the way She crosses paths with Dylan, a singer songwriter, when she s at a diner in the beginning of her trip His car has broken down and he also is headed to NY They make a deal, she will drive him to NY They don t tell eachother their last names, and whatever happens on the road, stays on the road Even though Joy is engaged, her and Dylan fall for eachother This is love story spanning a decade and is told in 3rd person POV I never really felt pulled into this one It is a quick read but I just never really felt like I connected to the characters I wanted to hear about the travelling, about Route 66 But overall it s a romance story This isn t a thought provoking read It is a fun, summery type romance Take it for what it is It has a few twists towards the end that I liked so that was a nice surprise It was well written, I just think this one wasn t for me Thank you to the publisher for the gifted review copy Omg Kerry has done it again.I ve laughed, I ve cried big fat ugly tears and I have loved every minute of this journey..Joy is travelling Route 66 to complete her dead sister Judy s bucket list, before moving to New York to marry her fianc Mark She plans to cross of all the things Judy wanted to do in her memory.Stooping at a roadside cafe she meets Dylan ,who is travelling the same route performing in various venues on the way After hs car breaks down she agrees to give him a lift, as long as they agree to 3 rules No last names, Whatever happens on the road stays on the road, and if one of them wants to take a side trip they both have to agree They spend the next 10 days together before separating at JFK.The story is told in both Joy and Dylan s perspectives and weaves brilliantly between before and afterI would highly recommend I ve also loved listening to the Side Trip playlist that accompanies this bookThanks go to Kerry and her Team Side Trip And Netgalley for the opportunity to read an early copy of this book WOW Kerry Lonsdale has done it again given her readers a fantastic story with realistic characters that keep you turning pages to the end I have read every word that this author has published and she has become one of the few authors that I will buy her books without knowing anything about them because I know that they ll be fantastic.Joy is driving from California to New York City to start a new job and move in with her fianc She is travelling on Route 66 holding on to her deceased sister s bucket list as she tries to experience all of adventures that her sister wanted to do but never had a chance before she died In Arizona, she meets Dylan who is also headed to NYC but with his car broken down at a greasy spoon restaurant, he isn t sure how he ll get there He is a musician and has several stops to make along the way to perform at various bars They make a deal She ll drive him to New York and he ll pay for gas Only three rules apply no exchanging of last names what happens on the road, stays on the road and if one of them wants to take a side trip, they both must agree After spending 10 days together on their trip, they say goodbye at JFK airport in NYC and spend the next 10 years wondering what if.This book is full of romance and music and suspense It asks the question whether planning out your life and adhering strictly to your plans is the way to find happiness Or does life need some spontaneity to be happy Thanks to the author for a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my own. Wow This is Kerry Lonsdale s best writing yet Every book I read I think that she can t write a book I like better, happily I continue to be wrong I loved Joy and Dylan I loved that I could actually feel the emotions that Kerry was portraying through her characters There was so much Joy reading this, tears as well you will experience these emotions too I promise I just cannot recommend Kerry as an author If you are reading this, take a Side Trip with her other books she has written as well You won t be sorry Love this surprising and twisting love story about two lost and lonely people offered a chance at happiness Will they take it.or let life make those choices for them A highly romantic and heartwrenching story by a writer who rarely takes the expected route. This novel didn t work for me I never got emotionally invested in the characters I like being clear about what outcome I m rooting for, but because I never cared about the characters and it was unclear whether I was hoping Joy worked things out with Mark or Dylan, that never happened.Joy is driving from California where she just finished college to New York, where her fianc Mark lives Along the way, she s crossing off her older sister s bucket list Joy feels responsible for Judy s death, and dressing in the 50s style her sister was fond of and listening to 50s music while checking off the things her sister wanted to do makes her feel less guilty It doesn t take a psychic to figure out that Joy needs to forgive herself for making a dumb mistake when she was young, and living her sister s life s goals will never bring her back.Along the way, she meets an angry, talented musician She knows Dylan doesn t want to be performing at dive bars across America because he has terrible stage fright He much prefers writing songs and selling them to people who like to perform or discovering talent and helping those folks make it in the music industry He won t tell her why he has to drive across the country doing this, although once he finally does, you realize it was a stupid thing he kept secret and he should have just told her straight away We re told about how hot they are for each other, but I never felt it.Even though he knows she s engaged, they fall for each other along the way, but Joy still feels obligated to marry Mark because she promised him he would I ve liked other books by Lonsdale, but not this one Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this novel, which RELEASES JULY 7, 2020. So many thanks to the author, Kerry Lonsdale, for allowing me to be a part of the promotional team for this book, and providing me with a free, digital ARC I tend to read psychological fiction, suspense and creepy horrors these types of novels have always been my genre of choice It was only recently that I started getting into women s fiction novels, and Kerry Lonsdale s Everything We Keep novel series was actually where that journey began for me Joy is still reeling from the death of her sister when she was a teenager, and she decides to combat her grief by completing her sister s bucket list When her fianc e relocates to New York, Joy jumps at the chance to make the cross country road trip, hopefully checking off her sister s dreams as she goes At a diner in Arizona, Joy meets Dylan, a songwriter with a broken down car and a goa of his own to perform at various venues from one coast to the other in order to fulfill his father s dying wishes The two end up road tripping together, each trying to complete their own individual lists As the two veer off on various side trips to check off their obligations, the two begin to learn about each other and romantic feelings begin to grow But with only ten days together, do they really know each other Could what they have be worth risking it all Both Joy and Dylan are complex characters, and they bring about a wide range of emotions in the reader I sympathized with Joy while at the same time I was completely frustrated with her I liked Dylan s wit but at the same time was annoyed by his arrogance This, though, is why they are so likable They are not the usual cheesy, picture perfect characters that romance novels generally feature They are dysfunctional and flawed, but they are perfect together I thought I had predicted how this novel would end, but the twist toward the end was one I didn t see coming It leaves a reader thinking of all the roads not taken, and the choices we have made along the way that brought us to where we are This emotionally charged road trip story is thought provoking, full of heart warming characters and beautiful settings Joy and Dylan are wonderful characters to get to know and I hope to see of them in the future