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Gah Elle Kennedy has done it again I am so overwhelmed with love for the Briar U series The humor and romances are fantastic and the bromances just take the cake There is something almost magical about this series that I rarely see But after reading Read inhaling The Dare I feel like Elle Kennedy might have just saved the best for last Ok I take it back I KNOW she saved the best for last I died for Jake and Brenna but Conor and Taylor were next level for me The Dare completely swept me off my feet and reminded me why I am completely head over heels in love with Kennedy s writing This story was banterific, full of fiery chemistry, angsty hair tearing moments and allllll the swoons Good Lord Kennedy knocked it out of the park and then some Ahhhhhh What can I say about Conor Edwards without swooning in my cheerios Ohhh, just that he is the sexiest thing since anything EVER I loved his total confidence, humor, charisma and his easy going demeanor But than anything I loved his kind heart and the heartbreaking insecurities he strived to overcome That boy was all heart and delicious heat and the full package He had so many hidden facets beneath the surface and was so much than a pretty face And Taylor Gah She was the absolute best She was so relateable, completely real, honest and adorkable I loved that the she had very real issues that hit home and was overall the most perfect match for Conor Overall this couple had me smiling from ear to ear Separately they were fantastic but together they were just amazing I loved every word of this story and how I tried to savor every page while refusing to stop and take breaks The Briar U series and all its characters feel like a family and I for one will miss this series so much Here s to a million rereads 5 magnificent stars Ratula Oh my gosh y all Hold on to your hearts because Conor Fucking Edwards is about to steal them away forever.Not even a little bit exaggerating GAH I am still in my feelings about this story I always forget how much I freaking adore the Briar U series, and then I pick up the next book and fall in love all over again And holy hannah, y all I fell hard for Conor and Taylor s story This was one of those books that I wish I could read again for the first time Even as I was in the middle of it, I was mourning the fact that it was eventually it was going to be over I tried to savor all the ways it made me smile, made me laugh, made my pulse race, my heart twist with emotion, and my tummy light up with butterflies because it felt so good and I never wanted it to end And then, when it inevitably did I wanted to flip right back to the first page and start it all over again It was SO GOOD Elle Kennedy dialed into the perfect formula with The Dare It s the perfect amount of banter, chemistry, sizzling sexy times, and heartfelt emotion I can t even tell you who I loved My heart fell fast and furious for Conor Edwards and all his earnest, adorable playfulness masking a tender, steadfast heart But I also completely adored Taylor Marsh whose insecurities felt like they might have been plucked from my own brain, but whose indomitable spirit and lion heart stole the entire freaking show.These two were something special There was an authenticity in their interactions with each other, a playful affection that lit me up inside I loved literally every minute I got to spend in this story, and absolutely gobbled it up with gusto I couldn t put it down, and when I had to I still found my mind drifting back to the addictive romantic chemistry that sparked between Taylor and Connor I am low key obsessed with them and somehow even though it s over I m still not ready for it to end This is the magic of the Briar U books What a magnificent capstone to a fantastic series I m so sad to leave it behind, but am so thrilled that I was along for the entire ride leaving pieces of my heart with every couple, in every story, and taking pieces of those stories forward with me This is the best of romance, right here And if there s a chance I ve left any doubt in your mind I cannot recommend it highly enough Shelly, 5 Stars I am really happy this book has been written, but Am I the only one who is a little annoyed that the cover doesn t exactly match the rest of the series I absolutely love the covers of the first 3, but this oneAside from that, YAS NEW BOOK. KINDLE ♿ The Dare ⚕ College Was Supposed To Be My Chance To Get Over My Ugly Duckling Complex And Spread My Wings Instead, I Wound Up In A Sorority Full Of Mean Girls I Already Have A Hard Time Fitting In, So When My Kappa Chi Sisters Issue The Challenge, I Can T Say NoThe Dare Seduce The Hottest New Hockey Player In The Junior ClassConor Edwards Is A Regular At Greek Row Parties And In Greek Row Sorority Beds He S The One You Fall For Before You Learn That Guys Like Him Don T Give Girls Like Me A Second Glance Except Mr Popular Throws Me For A Loop Rather Than Laughing In My Face, He Does Me A Solid By Letting Me Take Him Upstairs To Pretend We Re Getting Busy Even Crazier, Now He Wants To Keep Pretending Turns Out Conor Loves Games, And He Thinks It S Fun To Pull The Wool Over My Frenemies Eyes But Resisting His Easy Charm And Surfer Boy Hotness Is Darn Near Impossible Though I M Realizing There S Much To Conor S Story Than His Fan Club Can SeeAnd The Longer This Silly Ruse Goes On, The Greater The Danger Of It All Blowing Up In My Face THE DARE Is a full length slow burn, friends to lovers trope by Elle Kennedy This author is the Queen when it comes to giving us our sports fixes and the hot hockey players she introduces us to in her stories are ones that we all fall in love with and swoon over years later And hockey playboy Conor was no exception He was dropping swoon worthy bombs all over the place When a few catty sorority sisters on Greek Row, throw out a dare during one of their parties for Taylor to seduce one of the hot hockey players in junior class, she heads right for Conor and whispers in his ear and begs him to just go with it Conor bored with the goings on at the party and being the gentleman that he is follows her to one of the empty bedrooms upstairs And instead of making out as they are mean t to, they sit talking for hours on end, even falling asleep side by side after staying up way past the party had ended.And that ladies and gents is where a sweet, cute friendship blossomed from Conor was just utter perfection and my opinion about him didn t change throughout the book He s probably one of my favourites within this series Just his big heart and kindness, and protectiveness towards Taylor throughout cemented me towards him Taylor believed she was a chunky girl that everyone behind her back whispered about, always hiding her figure wearing unflattering clothes, never believing for a minute that maybe some guys liked her curvesMy curves have been the bane of my existence since I was twelve years oldI think too much time was wasted on Taylor and her insecurities when it came to how she perceived herself in the eyes of her peers, she was always dieting, always wearing clothes two sizes too big for her and always going on about the size of her chest It just made her issues too much of a focal point And poor Conor always trying to boost her self esteem up But as the story progressed I loved seeing Taylor grow as a person, from hiding in big clothes and staying out of the limelight to coming into her own, to the point of even sticking up for herself.Super cute, Super sexy, Super hilarious, AND Super easy to fall in love with these two characters. 4 4.5 STARSIt s official y all, this is my favorite book in the Briar U seriesEveryone comes from somewhere, Conor We ve all screwed up, made mistakes Her tone is soft, but ringing with conviction I don t care who you were before Only who you choose to be now Conor Fucking Edwards My sweetest, softest boy I love him so much, people He is literally the type of character that makes you grin like an idiot, produces butterflies in your tummy and other places and makes you just feel super good He s a huge goofball, not at all what I was expecting to be honest with you, but I fell HARD for him Conor is, in my opinion, the most gentle EK hero to date but he still got that edge and grittiness about him He had his own struggles and inner demons, and he came a long way in this book He fucked up, he grew, he learned He was perfection Taylor Marsh I swear to God that Elle Kennedy writes the BEST heroines in the business I have not hated a single heroine of hers yet, and most of them always go to my favorite heroine shelf Taylor was not an exception I adored her COMPLETELY She is such an amazing character, with insecurities and inner struggles that match my own so I really, really felt for her I loved being inside her head She s the perfect blend of sweet, kick ass and adorable and she definitely has a piece of my heartIn his arms, I feel steady again, finally upright after being thrown askew Because when we aren t together, the world feels misaligned Conor and Taylor together were SO CUTE And I cannot stress that enough They were so perfect for each other and I sound like a broken record, but EK really does pair her characters together perfectly I loveeeeed the way Conor behaved with her and vice versa Some of their scenes had me literally crying from laughter, they were SO funny and cute And of course there was quite a bit of angst and damn if I didn t enjoy those scenes too Yum All in all, this book was so so good The side characters, the overall dialogue, the relationship building I loved it Elle Kennedy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and this book is definitely on the top for me A high recommendationShe and I found every possible way to try to sabotage our happiness, each of us falling back on old habits and insecurities But what gives me faith in us is that we always managed to end up right back here Together I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 4,5 5 STARSLoved it, so so good It s a long time since I finished a book in one siting I had a smile on my face for most of the time with these two I adored Conor and Taylor so much They were cute,sweet,fun and sexy They were so perfect for each other,I could speak for them for hours.They make me swoon and I was melting I fall in love with Conor from the first pages and I felt connected with Taylor and I could feel her This is a heartwarming story and one of my favorite in this series I highly recommend it blows a kiss to the sky for conor edwards Taylor has always had problems with her voluptous body.What she doesn t understand yet is that guys love the way she looks.Conor definitely does That s why he first decides to help her win this stupid sorority bet which was issued by stupid mean girl Abigail She dared Taylor to seduce the hockey player And Conor played along pretending to sleep with Taylor which he would love to actually do But they re just friends for now She s not really believing him when he says he s into her And he s not really in the market for a relationship anyway, plus he thinks he doesn t really belong in this Briar U rich kid world.LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN We re finally back in that amazing Elle Kennedy hockey world YAY Due to my Bookalzheimers, I completely forgot everything that happened in said hockey world in the previous books, I just know that I adored reading them Now it s Conor and Taylor s story.And it was adorable Funny and sparky and sexy.We also have some dangerous things from our hero s past that might come calling I loved reading this book just like every single Briar U and Off Limits book that came before.Conor is so sweet with Taylor and they re so adorable together And the other guys and girls from previous books are hilarious I loved all the people But what I didn t like this time Ugh Taylor She was so effing insecure about her body I get it I m fat too But girl jeez It was too much It took too much away from the story to have her always so insecure Poor Conor He constantly tells her how beautiful and how sexy she is But she just doesn t believe it It would ve been enough to go with this storyline for a few chapters, maybe 30% of the book, but it goes on and on and on until we get another unnecessary drama part The one about how Conor thinks he s not good enough for Taylor He doesn t belong here He s a bad guy and he has a bad past Ugh And then when it could be all over and happy endy, we go and get yet another drama to which the person reacts over the top ridiculous again I really didn t like the drama moments of this story at all BUT I also loved everything else All the people and the funny and sexy moments It was just too much with the fat girl and bad boy shtick It was a great new adult college romance I loved reading it even though I complained a lot I can t wait to get from this world or any other world written by Elle Kennedy GIMME THE DARE was an adorable funny sparky sexy New Adult Hockey College Romance Run to your nearest for your own Conor this one is MINE I shed a fucking tear because I thought this series ended, but we ve been BLESSED HELL YES WE RE GETTING CONOR S BOOK