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I blurbed this and I loved it A book that manages to be both tenderly gutting and absolutely hilarious I want to be best friends with Saoirse Clarke Seriously, one of my fave queer YA voices ever, and I absolutely did some real tears crying and literal laughing out loud, on top of the general romantic squees Such a must have for any Sapphic YA bookshelf. 4.5 stars The Falling in Love Montage is an angsty, wonderful, teen lesbian love story, and isn t that EXACTLY what we all need in our lives right now I know I needed it The Falling in Love Montage is a stunning debut by Ciara Smyth The lesbian YA scene is pretty barren, and though gay teen romance is becoming and mainstream, it was about time that the ladies got their time in the spotlight Lesbian romance, FTW Truthfully, I don t read a lot of young adult or new adult books, and it took me a bit to get out of my adult headspace for this one It came naturally to me to try to defend Saoirse s dad and think that Saoirse was a bit bratty, but then I really tried to envision everything from the position of a teenager in her shoes and it all became a lot easier Also, be prepared for a lot of 4th wall breaking, which I don t often come across in my adult romances.The best part of this book was the adorable love story The meet cute was squee worthy, and each classic love montage scene made my heart happy Plus, big time bonus points for a plus sized, body confident love interest who was shown as desirable I think there was also a lot of personal growth for the MCs in the story, which I really enjoyed I liked seeing Saoirse change and evolve, and I liked seeing her relationship evolve with all of the secondary characters as well as Ruby It made the book feel very satisfying and compelling In fact, my only problem with the story, and my reason for bumping it half a star, is that view spoiler there isn t a HEA Or a HFN let us have our ride in the sunset ending, ffs hide spoiler FREE PDF ♪ The Falling in Love Montage ☪ Saoirse Doesn T Believe In Love At First Sight Or Happy Endings If They Were Real, Her Mother Would Still Be Able To Remember Her Name And Not In A Care Home With Early Onset Dementia A Condition That Saoirse May One Day Turn Out To Have Inherited So She S Not Looking For A Relationship She Doesn T See The Point In Igniting Any Romantic Sparks If She S Bound To Burn OutBut After A Chance Encounter At An End Of Term House Party, Saoirse Is About To Break Her Own Rules For A Girl With One Blue Freckle, An Irresistible Sense Of Mischief, And A Passion For Rom ComsUnbothered By Saoirse S No Relationships Rulebook, Ruby Proposes A Loophole They Don T Need True Love To Have One Summer Of Fun, Complete With Every Clich , Rom Com Montage Worthy Date They Can Dream Up And A Binding Agreement To End Their Romance Come Fall It Would Be The Perfect Plan, If They Weren T Forgetting One Thing About The Falling In Love Montage When It S Over, The Characters Actually Fall In Love For Real This looks like everything I ve ever wanted.Youtube Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Twitch screams in gay panic i really wish i could say this blurb isn t a move i would and have pulled This might be everything I ve ever wantedUpdate THE COVER THE COVER THE COVER 2020 covers are too pretty for this world You can t just go showing my gay ass this cover with no warning I wasn t ready and I ll never be ready. Hi hello this is the first physical book that I have finished in probably a month and I am happy to say that I loved it SO very much The writing style was fresh and fun and the main character was so sassy and relatable and this book just meant the world to me Also it is gay as heck and WE LOVE TO SEE ITTW dementia