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Snatch 220 by Luke Fellows is satirical novel so outrageous you know it has to be fiction, but its underlying ties to reality are such that you ll either laugh out loud or just lay down and cry over the demise of humanity Sounds extreme and it is delightfully so Read my full review If Necessity is the mother of invention, then shame is the mother of delusion It is such a cliche, but the only reason I m giving this book 5 stars is because I can t give it 6 I agreeded to review this book as a request When I read the synopsis, I was not thrilled I don t know, or care, anything about wall street and stock traders I couldn t imagine that there was any way to portray the adventures of such a person in a way that I could stay conscious for than a few chapters Snatch 220 absolutely shattered that expectation.Holy Smoke This is a fantastic story that embodies the same irreverence as the original MASH I don t know anything about high finance and the stock market, so I was fearful that I wouldn t be able to keep up with what was happening I still don t understand Trading, but Fellows manages to explain just enough to make me think I understand what is happening in the book Basically it all seems to be a magic act Illusion The comical and irreverent way the author takes us on this journey makes it a lot of fun.I don t care what your usual genre is, do yourself a favor and read this book. Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review A young somewhat lost entitled financial hotshot falls down the rabbit hole of Silicon Valley finances greed and politics I can t say I didn t enjoy this book, because I did It was sort of a mix between The Wolf of Wall Street meets The Devil s Advocate sort of It definitely has it s fair share of shocking lifestyle choices and moments the open marriage to the ex stripper, etc But for me, I felt there was an overuse of financial jargon for someone who really doesn t read the Wall Street Journal regularly It will definitely appeal to a different crowd. Don t Sell This Book ShortSort of in spite of myself I liked, and then really liked, this book At first I mostly just enjoyed the sharp, snarky humor, but then I actually warmed up to our hero Giles and even became invested in the plot Sure, the hero starts out as nothing special He is crafted along the lines of a slacker, trust fundy, con man who s floating along luxuriating in and flaunting his unreliability and lack of focus Proud of his shallowness and crass misogyny Been there, read that Along the same lines the plot is nothing special Our hero Giles is placed with a master of the universe billionaire type for the purpose of gathering insider info to be used and misused by Gile s financial taskmaster None of this seemed very promising It felt like I Can Get It For You Wholesale meets The Great Gatsby , but without the grit, heart, depth, desperation, or despair.But get this Somewhere along the way the author found a character who was worth writing about Giles is still snarky and disconnected, but he shows us flashes of decency and integrity and maturity that get us interested in how he will navigate the bizarre world in which he finds himself Is this slow build on purpose, or did our debut author just need some time to find his writerly chops I don t know, but as a reader I was delighted I stayed for the second and third acts.I probably stayed, at first, because the book is loaded with fascinating and wildly amusing rants, riffs, drunken insider tips, and financial elite takedowns that are smart, pointed, vicious, and edgy I was than happy to suffer through some awkward plotting and to keep company with a main character who started out as basically a dick, just to come across all of these nutzy and withering bits, which are very generously sprinkled all through the book Join Giles at his desk, at a tech conference, giving us his low down on fund allocators, or in conference with insane tech showmen and billionaires Sympathize with Giles and his fellow laborers over drinks and despair Consider this the only workplace dramedy in which all of the workers are holding out for million dollar bonuses Find out what the title means.Bottom line, at a minimum, if you re willing to start out with a smarmy slacker in order to be allowed access to his universe, and if you re willing to buy him drinks just to hear his hilarious stories, and if you want to learn about the sleazy, greedy, buffoons who are making and keeping all of the money these days, then this is an excellent and entertaining find Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book. ^READ EPUB ⇙ Snatch 2&20 ⇰ Would You Sell Your Soul To A Hedge Fund Titan For Tens Of Millions In Dirty Cash Giles Goodenough Is A Wall Street Research Analyst, Coasting Through Life On Luck And Privilege In An Open Marriage To The Lovely Ex Stripper Cherry, He Seems To Have It Made But Behind His Air Of Curated Nonchalance Lurks A Deep Insecurity Stemming From His Mother S Premature Death And His Father S Cold ArrogancePeter Silver Is The Billionaire Founder Of Hedge Fund POS Capital, Whose Monuments To His Ego Hint At His Sociopathic Tendencies Desperate To Sate His Greed, The Latest Target Of His Speculation Is Zyxview, A Company Founded By Egon Crump, A Neurotic And Lecherous Tech Showman With A Penchant For Fur Vests And NarcoticsWhen Peter Hires Giles As An Expert On Zyxview And Orders Him To Get To Know Egon Better Than Anyone He Sets In Motion A Train Of Events That Takes The Reader On A Farcical And Uncomfortable Ride Through The Inner Workings Of Our Broken Financial SystemCan Giles Escape The Fraud And Fakery That Surround Him Will He Be Able To Avoid Breaking Securities Law, Or End Up In Jail Will He Successfully Dodge Egon S Advances While Protecting Cherry From Peter S Perversions Will Peter Tire Of Him And Dispose Of Him Will He And His Father Be Able To Come To Terms With Their Identities And Will He Find Out What Matters In Life, Before Egon And Peter Bring Everything Crashing Down Around Him In A World Where It Seems, At First Glance, That Very Little Is For The BestSnatch Is A No Holds Barred Lampoon On Key Components Of Today S America The Corruption Of The Financial Elites And The System That Enables Them, The Ludicrous Hype Surrounding Technology Companies And Their Founders, And The Blatant Hypocrisy Of Pretty Much Everyone It Is Also, Perhaps, One Man S Journey To Find HappinessRiotously Funny At Times, Dark And Depressing At Others, Luke Fellows Debut Novel Takes Us Inside Hedge Funds, Tech Conferences, Silicon Valley HQs, And The Wasteful Extravagance And Greed That Surrounds Them In Doing So, He Has Created A Satire That Leaves The Reader In No Doubt That If It Didn T Ring So True, No One Would Believe It For A Second But Instead, Amid The Blatant Exaggerations, Lies A Poignant Requiem For Our Materialistic And Vain Modern AgeWhile None Of The Main Protagonists In Snatch Is Meant To Represent Any Factual Individual, They May Well Remind Us Tangentially Of People We Have Seen In The News All Too Often It Should Not Only Be Of Interest To The Fans Of The Hit TV Shows Billions And Silicon Valley, But To Anyone Who Wants An Insider S Take On The Rotten Core Of Our Delusional Plutocracy, In This Second Gilded AgeLuke Fellows Is A Forty Something Recovering Hedge Fund Manager Born In London, And Educated At St Paul S School And Oxford University, He Sacrificed His Love Of Classics For A Wall Street Career, Moving To New York City In After A Sojourn At Harvard Business School, He Made The Leap To Silicon Valley, Where, In , He Co Founded A Technology Focused Hedge Fund, Retiring As Soon As His Partners Could Practicably Get Rid Of Him Despite His Best Efforts To Escape The Bubble, He Still Lives With His Wife And Three Daughters Near Palo Alto, CA Snatch Is The First Novel He Is Admitting To