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Icon PDF Á Paperback
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  • Frank Frazetta
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  • 02 September 2019
  • 9781887424714

Icon[Read] ➵ Icon By Frank Frazetta – Essayreview.co.uk The incredible paintings of Frank Frazetta have brought him worldwide fame, legions of loyal fans, and scores of imitators His darkly dramatic Conan the Barbarian oils and the equally powerful and ero The incredible paintings of Frank Frazetta have brought him worldwide fame, legions of loyal fans, and scores of imitators His darkly dramatic Conan the Barbarian oils and the equally powerful and erotic compositions for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs have become the ultimate standards of excellence in the fantasy and adventure field Icon was Franzetta s first major retrospective in his year career Lavish full color reproduction on deluxe art paper showcases over major finished oil paintings, drawings, and other pieces This new softcover edition contains new pages of additional, never before published art and photos New material includes paintings of Woody Allen and Peter Sellers concepts of Clint Eastwood for the movie poster to The Gauntlet original concepts for the Conan book cover paintings and character drawings for the Broadway production of Li l Abner.

About the Author: Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for work in comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, record album covers and other media He was the subject of a documentary.

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    4.5 stars What a superb collection of iconic artwork pun intended Frank Frazetta was an amazing talent and his artwork is instantly recognizable by fans and collectors alike From Conan to Tarzan to Death Dealer to Vampirella, It is Frazetta s artwork that people think of when they visualize these characters A superb collection showcasing a one of a kind talent.

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    I enjoy Frazetta s art I really wish someone would publish a comprehensive collection I feel like I ve seen his 10 or so big pieces thousands of times, but a lot of his less popular works I ve only seen occasionally and never all in one place.A book like this should strive for a comprehensive and definite collection of all of his professional works.

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    A fascinating insight into the life and work of fantasy illustration s principal trailblazer, greatly enriched by examples of his most celebrated works and numerous sketches A real must for anyone with an interest in fantasy art and illustration in general.

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    More pictures on parkablogs.com Frank Frazetta probably needs no introduction The images that come to my mind straightaway are the almost perfect anatomy drawings of warriors and women.This book is a biography of Frank Frazetta looking at the illustrations he created throughout his career It is really humbling to read how he rose from a kid drawing strange title like The Elephant who wouldn t help to the famous series of Conan There are lots of interesting things to read like his working relationships with editors, his choice of keeping all his prints or how he learned anatomy in a day.The illustrations included are comics from his childhood, movie posters, book covers and paintings Towards the end, the paintings are given larger print space each with the story behind the creation.Fans of Frank Frazetta should probably save a space on your shelf for this book.

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    Frank Frazetta died recently and for many art lovers he ll be missed, but especially for fantasy fans it was a sad day Not only his Icon ic cover paintings but his entire volume of work speaks to his talent This book give a nice look at the man and the history of his work It s interesting, but I suppose it goes without saying, the paintings are the star of the book.

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    I love fantasy art it one of my favorite mediums a few friends have scene my drawings I aspire to draw half as brilliantly and confidently as Frank his drawings are simply stunning.

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    Here I m reviewing the Frazetta art book trilogy of Icon, Legacy and Testament, because all the books have the same virtues and a same recurring flaw They stand alone fine but you should get all three because they cover most of his best paintings and drawings There s been many Frazetta books by the same people including far too many with overlapping contents but I never felt I needed many of those later ones.Please keep in mind that some of the books were updated with something like 15 pages and you ll have to be very careful if you re trying to order the updated versions but I honestly don t know what pictures were added or how much better it makes them The quotes from Frazetta are quite interesting, some that particularly interested me were his thoughts on the way he draws and paints women He addresses the frequent complaint that all his women look the same, saying that he was just never satisfied with his attempts at different looking women Yet in Testament there s a very good piece called The Tempters with a fascinatingly different woman with facial character than was his normal I wish he had tried to diversify like this often.He also says that in real life he prefers slightly slender women but is unable to paint them in a way that reads right I m not sure if I believe that but it is true that we cant always satisfyingly depict everything we wish we could.Controversially, Frazetta kept working on some of his best loved paintings and many fans including myself do not consider most of the later layers of paint to be improvements, although there were some I liked better In many cases, two different versions of the same painting are shown here, so you can decide for yourself.My one complaint about these books is that they re like most books and magazines about comics far too fannish and the constant praise heaped on Frazetta gets irritating I find many of his compositions too simple or too similar and I would have appreciated a little real criticism.He was only a full time comic artist for a relatively short period of his life but he never drifted that far away so it makes sense that his art books have mostly been found in comic shops and his work written about by comics people And like some other major comic artists, he had an enormous influence on the way fantasy looks today.These books really deserve a reprint preferably combined into one huge book because they are the best printed way to experience Frazetta so far.

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    No bullshit Frank Frazetta is the Art God Incarnate The guy rules, and there s no way around that essential, universal truth His uncompromising vision endlessly imitated but never equaled has dominated the field, creating a sublime but arresting modern classical style that s become the era s preeminent visualization of fantasy Blessed with an uncanny, apparently innate ability to reporduce on paper anything his mind could conceive, this tough but nice Sicilian guy from Brooklyn effortlessly forged the paradigm against which ever other fantasy artist has measured him herself for the last twenty five years He imprinted his look onto the unreal estate of our collective imaginary landscape, and brought that world to lush, blooming life, fixing in the mass mind s eye what had been the unsatisfyingly insubstantial dream images of others, inadequately conuured by clumbsy words and reality derivative pictures There is no bigger sin in fantasy than being ordinary, and Frazetta s art kicked ass on the mundane Lou Stathis

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    Love Frazetta so 5 stars If I wasn t completely biased, I d knock a star off for the author s periodic insults to anything that is not by Frazetta.

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    A wonderful compilation of some of my favorite Frazetta paintings There are large reproductions of most maybe all of the Lancer Conan covers some revised by the artist , many of the later Ace Burroughs paperbacks and even the SF Book Club John Carter of Mars covers Plus two of my favorites, the original Death Dealer and the cover to Michael Moorcock s Silver Warriors Not to mention an absolutely glorious reproduction of the cover to Edmund Hamilton s Outlaw World.A wonderful collection.

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